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I Caught My Husband Wearing My Bra and Knickers

| February 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

I have seen transvestite programes on the television about men who wear knickers, and I have read about men who like wearing diapers and enjoy cross dressing before, but I never thought this could happen to me. When I got home early the other night, my beloved husband came out
the bathroom wearing my bra and directoire knickers and a pair of hold up stockings and garter belt.
My immediate reaction was wanting to be sick, I just turned around and went back downstairs. Since then he hasn’t said a word about the incident or underwear and neither have I. Where on earth am I supposed to go from here?.

cross dressing I Caught My Husband Wearing My Bra and Knickers

Man in panties and bra cross dressing

Cross Dressing I Caught My Husband Wearing My Bra and Knickers Reply

First of all if you are not discussing the incident then it sounds to me as if you and your husband have a communication problem, so that’s another issue that needs addressing. If you have seen television programes and read about the fetish of men who gain pleasure from wearing women’s underwear then you know the score. Your husband is one of those men who gets his kicks from wearing your bra and knickers. It doesn’t mean he is bisexual or gay. It doesn’t mean he want’s to be a woman, it just means part of his sexual make up involves the wearing of female lingerie known as cross dressing. The question is can you accommodate his cross dressing which lets face it isn’t a big deal.
You need to ask yourself can I comfortably live with a transvestite? Some women become reconciled to it. Some women even enjoy it to the extent that they swap clothes with their partners, even going out shopping, or out for the evening with their husbands dressed as women. Others are repelled by it and feel forced to end their relationships immediately. Only you will know which category you fall into.
For me personally, if I knew my partner truly loved me, I would rather I caught my husband wearing my bra and knickers, than come home and find him engaged in a host of other unmentionable things, so get it out in the open and talk about his cross dressing.

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